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Lex Loud is a fanmade character in the Loud House created by Alex Brogan. Lex is NOT the Lexx Loud from "One of the Boys," as his name has 1 "x" instead of 2. Lex usually tries to stop conflict in the Loud House episodes, but fails at every attempt.

Debut episodeEdit

Lex's debut episode is "12 Louds a Leapin'," where he gets instated into the family at the end. His original name was the creator of the character's name.

Key TraitsEdit

  • Lex hangs out with Luna a lot, thanks to him inspiring her to play better in his debut.
  • Lex also hangs out with Luan, because they're always cracking jokes!
  • Lex hangs out with Lincoln because he always gets involved in Lincoln's conflicts.
  • Lex hangs out with Lisa, as well, because he is as genius as she is.
  • Lex's key trait is that he is the special one, or the inspirational one in the family.


He has appeared in every episode, as "12 Louds a Leapin'" is considered the first episode of the series.

He also appears in A Loud Summer Break