Jurassic House is a fanfiction episode of The Loud House.

Synopsis Edit

The Loud Siblings dream of themselves as dinosaurs in the dinosaur world, meanwhile 2 criminals are trying to get Lincoln after he took the license and try to get it back.

Transcript Edit

(The episode starts where The Loud House, Their Parents Lynn Sr. and Rita are away putting Lori in charge, and the The Siblings are hanging out in the living watching TV, than Lori comes from the front door with the Big Package around her arms and brought it into the living room)

Lori: Hey Guys, guess what came in the mail today?

Everyone: What?

Lori: *opens the mailbox and reveals that there are bunch of dinosaurs that are toys*

Everyone: DINOSAURS!!!!!!!! *as they cheered that they have come today*

Lincoln: That's So Cool Lori, we've been waiting for this moment to come.